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Exams and Access Arrangements

At Eltham Hill we offer Access arrangements for students who are currently in years 10 and 11 if students qualify these arrangements will be in place for exams and controlled assessments.

Access arrangements can be one of more of the following;

  • Cream paper for students who are Dyslexic
  • Enlarged paper for those with motor difficulties or visual impaired
  • Reader
  • Extra time
  • Rest breaks
  • Scribe or use of laptop (spell check disabled), this must be students normal way of working in school.
  • Prompter
  • Practical assistant

What is the screening process for Access Arrangements?

  • Student’s names are put forward by teaching staff to the SENCO.
  • Students will then meet with a qualified assessor, who will carry out a number of assessments on pupils
  • This information is then gathered and written up in a report with recommendations outlining individual requirements.
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