Staff List

First Name Surname Subject/Responsibility Email
Andreia Abba Food & Textiles Technician
Ambili Abraham Science Teacher
Joanna Adams Lead Learning Support Coordinator
Funmi Adeniyan Health & Social Care Teacher
Willietta Afadi Subject Leader Computer Science
Zahra Ali Maths Teacher
Ginoni Anand Maths Teacher
Nicole Asiwe Lead Practitioner Chemistry
Abdul Aziz Geography Teacher/HOY 11/D of E Coordinator
Dianah Baker Assistant Headteacher (Post-16 and wider curriculum)
Emma Barnard Lead Practitioner - Geography
Michelle Blakey Examinations Officer
Fiona Blaney  History Teacher
Dominic Blondel Science Technician
Thoedore Botchway Maths Teacher
Annie Bowditch Attendance and Student Services Manager
Kelly Brooke Midday Supervisor N/A
Charlotte Case Science Teacher
Kim Clarke Teaching Assistant
Lorna Clarricoats Teaching Assistant (SEND)
Lionel Cloarec Curriculum Leader - Languages
Megan Cobley PE Teacher
Deborah Colombeau Safeguarding & Wellbeing
Jenny Copeland Finance Manager
Jessica Costa Head of Year 8/English Teacher
Emily Coston Drama Teacher
Esme Davies-Woolf Science Teacher
Victoria Delaney Deputy Headteacher/(Teaching and Learning)
Suruchi Deo Adminsitration and Data Assistant
Nathalie Drysdale French Teacher/FLA
Emmanuel Dzontoh Lead Practitioner Physics
Maxine Ferguson Deputy Headteacher/(Curriculum and Inclusions)
Victoria Fernandez-Bravo Astilero Subject Lead - Spanish
Karan Flaherty MRO/Admin/Finance Assistant
Dave Foley Facilities and Infrastructure Management Lead
Claire Gill Textiles Teacher
Karen Hartnell Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Paul Heffer Senior Deputy Facilities Manager
Stacey Hillsden Media and Film Teacher
Mary Hirth Librarian
Katy Howes PE Teacher
Ian Humphreys Deputy Facilities Manager
Carmen Jackson-McKen English Teacher/HOY 9 
Helen Jones Lead Practitioner PE
Emma Jordan Human Resources Manager
Kazi Karim Science Teacher (maternity cover)
Misha Kenny Deputy Curriculum Leader - English
Meral Keser Midday Supervisor N/A
Kenneth Keshi Maths Teacher
Clare Key Subject Leader for Product Design
Jack Knightley Head of Year 13/Geography Teacher
Jyoti Ladwa Senior Science Technician
Emma Lake Science Teacher
Cathie Lee Midday Supervisor
Balmore Mannings Science Technician
Vishakha Manocha Maths Teacher
Sandra Marques Art Development Assistant
Christine Marshall Midday Supervisor  N/A
Debbie Marshall HR Assistant
Nicola Mayell Office Manager
Abigail Mckellow Wellbeing Practitioner
Kelly McManus Midday Supervisor N/A
James McPhun English Teacher
Shannen Meadows Subject Leader for Psychology
Katherine Mee Curriculum Leader for English & Media
Daniella  Melius Safeguarding and Wellbeing Lead
Victoria Mills History Teacher
Bhavna Mistry Attendance and Welfare Assistant
Karen Montague-Cook Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Diversity & Integration)
Diane Mullins Safeguarding & Wellbeing
Mariana Musa Student Welfare Administrator
Debbie Nelson Midday Supervisor
Alexandria Newnham ECT Programme Leader/Raising Standards Leader - Maths
Claudette Noel Lead Practitioner for Religious Studies
Thomas Nyaku Deputy Curriculum Leader for Maths
Ulka O'Brien Curriculum Leader for Global Analysis (Humanities)
Noelle O'Kelly Deputy Headteacher/(Standards, Assessment & Reporting)
Humphrey Okagbare Assistant Head Teacher
Fiyin Olagbaju ICT Technician
Temitope Olaleye Head of Year 12/Subject Leader for Sociology
Rosie Osborne Acting Assistant Headteacher (Extended School and Student Development)
Judith Parke  English Teacher
Alice Pascual Art Teacher
Jaime Phipps Drama Teacher
Erika Podmore Head Teacher
Callie Pollard Dance and P.E. Teacher
Elaine Potter Communication, Resources and Marketing Manager
Sarah Rackley Head of Year 10/Geography Teacher
Jacqueline Randall Science Teacher
Ben Read HLET Leader/Subject Lead - Media and Film Studies
Ben Reeve Lead Practitioner Music
Donna Rickwood SpLD Lead (AMBDA/APC)
Carys Riches English Teacher
Rachael Robinson Music Teacher
Rebekka Ross Food Studies Subject Lead
Emma Ruffles Lead Practitioner Textiles
Alicia Ruiz-Gamarro Spanish Teacher/FLA
Barry Ryan LP for Biology
Ilwad Sabban Science Teacher
Emma Sales Deputy Curriculum Leader - English
Rita Sarafian Design & Technology Technician
Nikki Sims Science Teacher (maternity cover)
Joanne Smith Director of Resources
Faye Smyth Wellbeing Practitioner
Bola Sofela Data Assessment and Reporting Manager
Adefoluke Sojirin Maths Teacher
Lucy Spencer Curriculum Leader - Inclusion (SENDCo)
Rachel Stringfellow Science Teacher
Claire  Sutton Curriculum Leader for Human Understanding
Fatma Taha Maths Teacher
Nabs Taibi EVC/Cover Manager
Heather Taylor KS4 Year Leader
Xiao Thompson Subject Leader Computer Science
Ian Thomson Key Stage Leader (KS3) PE Teacher
Karen Thorne Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Isobel Tooher Maths Teacher/HOY 7
Nina Tolleret MFL Teacher

Jenny Tulloch Receptionist
Sarah Turner Curriculum Leader Design & Creation
Sylvie Valere-Wanogho MFL Teacher
Debbie Wakeling Cover Supervisor
Nadia Ward Leader for Oracy/ English Teacher
Elizabeth Waterhouse PE Teacher
Daniel Watson Science Teacher
Polly White Deputy Headteacher/Behaviour, Safeguarding & Inclusion (DSL)
Joanna Whittington Curriculum Leader Performance
Tanya Williams-Campbell Post 16 Student Support Manager
Rahel Wuhib Lead Practitioner Business & Economics
Anab Yusuf  Health Social Care Teacher (maternity cover)
Allison Zionts Lead Practitioner Health & Social Care 
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