Our Offer

As part of a comprehensive community school, Eltham Hill Sixth Form aims to ensure success for a wide range of students.

To do this, we provide two curriculum pathways, combined with a broad and varied extracurricular programme, high-quality careers and future choices guidance, and specifically-tailored pastoral support. To find out about the components of our offer, please follow each of the links below.

EHS Sixth Form Offer


Eltham Hill Sixth Form teachers have excellent subject knowledge and passion for their subject woven into the fabric of their lives, both inside and outside the school, which they model and share with students.

Eltham Hill Teachers use an explicit pedagogy bad on a cycle of (PIP):

  • Pre class prescribed research, preparation and reading using state of the art technology.
  • In-class teaching and learning which combines and applies students’ and teachers’ knowledge, understanding, skills and language
  • Post-class consolidation activities and tasks to allow the learning gained in class to be practised, demonstrated, tracked and assessed.

Our Teachers create distinctive, active and challenging learning environments in which classes are conducted in styles that replicate their subject at university in the world of work.

Our offer is enhanced by the range of exceptional study-spaces we provide including specialist laboratories and sports facilities, drama and dance studios, a well-resourced library and independent study areas. 

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