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Literacy Support

The reading ages of all girls are assessed when they join us in year 7 and again at various times during the school year.  Girls in years 7 and 8 whose reading ages are below the expected levels have the opportunity to join very small classes which provide them with additional tuition and help.  These classes take place twice a week for one hour each lesson.

Working in small groups means that individual assistance can be provided more effectively and classes can be planned to focus on specific difficulties in reading and in literacy as a whole.  These classes offer an opportunity for girls to work with peers at a similar level to themselves and we have found this helps give them the confidence and ability to make significant progress in their reading both out loud and independently.

The groups also help girls improve their proficiency in spelling, use of grammar and their writing skills.  Classes include use of interactive materials, games and kinaesthetic resources as well as more traditional books and worksheets, to try to engage and stimulate the students’ interest.  When a student reaches the expected reading level for their age they have the opportunity to either remain in literacy classes to further improve their confidence or to return to their main lessons.

How can you help your daughter to make progress?

There are many ways in which you can help your daughter to improve her reading and literacy skills.  Encouraging her to read to you for a few minutes daily and/or to read independently as much as possible is a really effective way for her to make progress.

There are also several websites you can access offering advice, ideas for interactive and kinaesthetic activities and helpful worksheets.

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