Eltham Hill Archive

What are archives?

Archives are kept as evidence of historically significant events related to an organisation. They are used to learn and understand about the past of an organisation. They are primary resources thus they are unique. The experiences of Eltham Hill School that are recorded today on drives, disc and other forms of media will be the archive of the future. The archive is also the space where the historical records are kept.

The Eltham Hill School Archive exists to serve the school community and alumni.

What do we hold?

  • Architect plans of the school site
  • Model of old school site
  • Press cuttings
  • Uniforms and Sports Kit
  • Trophies and Shields
  • School Newsletters/Magazines/Prospectuses
  • Photographs of students, staff and school buildings
  • Student Records
  • Materials relating to notable events e.g. Women’s Conference


Donations to the Archive regarding all aspects of life at Eltham Hill School, especially those belonging to the above-mentioned categories, are welcome. Wherever necessary, we will scan and return photographs that are of sentimental value. The archive does, however, reserve the right to decline donations.

Planning to visit the Eltham Hill School Archive

Please inform the archive staff of the date you intend to visit and the material you would like to see. This will enable staff to notify you whether the facility and the material are available.

Due to space constraint, the material requested may not be available to be seen. Alerting the archive staff will give us time to retrieve materials you would like to access and prepare for your visit.


Please note there are restrictions on certain material which visitors can access due to legal, health and safety and security reasons.


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