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Why Choose a Girls' School?

These are many reasons why we recommend you choose a girls’ school, particularly Eltham Hill Girls’ School, for your daughter:

  • We are specialists in contemporary girls’ education. We understand the issues facing young women in our society and have extensive experience of supporting them through adolescence.
  • Girls from girls’ schools achieve higher grades at GCSE compared to girls in co-educational (mixed) schools. Single sex schools for girls dominate the top of the exam results league tables. Research shows that in co-ed schools boys receive more attention from teachers, to the detriment of girls.
  • Research shows that not only do girls do better in single sex schools but they go on to earn more in their working lives, we think this is connected to the self-confidence that they develop in an all-girl environment
  • Girls acquire higher self-esteem and greater self-confidence at a girls’ school. Helping girls feel good about themselves and encouraging them to have faith in their capacity to face challenges is hugely important.
  • In single sex schools, girls don’t just enjoy equal opportunities; they enjoy all opportunities whether it is the arts, sport, science, expeditions, career insights or other extra-curricular activities. There is no sense that some subjects or opportunities are better suited to boys.
  • Girl’s schools prepare young women with resilience, confidence and freedom from stereotyping. They excel as much in Physics, Engineering and Design Technology as they do in English, Drama and Art.
  • The girls of today will be the leaders of tomorrow and girls’ school are wonderful environments for your daughter to take risks and inspire and lead others without feeling self conscious. It’s great preparation for her future career
  • We open girls’ eyes to possibilities and help them to take the practical and imaginative steps necessary to achieve their ambitions. Whatever she wants to be – aeronautical engineer, musician, doctor, retail manager, RAF pilot, fashion designer – it’s our aim to support and guide her.
  • With other girls in the classroom and on the sports fields, girls have the space in which their intellectual and physical confidence can blossom.

Please also read the information provided for parents by the Association of State Girls’ Schools:

Why Choose a Girls School

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