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The Governing Body

Governors’ Welcome

GovernorOn behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to welcome you to Eltham Hill School.  The Governing Body are responsible for the conduct and strategic development of the school.  We work very closely with the Headteacher and Local Authority to ensure students receive an outstanding education within a safe and welcoming environment.

At Eltham Hill we pursue “Excellence, Happiness, and Success”.  So, whether your daughter is in years 7 to 11 or your son or daughter attends our Post 16, we will work with you to develop them to their full potential, leading them to become successful individuals, ready to face the challenges ahead.

The Governing Body is made up of parents/carers, staff, local authority and community representatives.  As a Governing Body we welcome the opportunity of parent/carers to be involved in our school community.  We urge you to play a supportive role with your child’s education and to the school, especially by attending parents’ evenings, school events and sharing any concerns that you may have with the Governing Body.

I look forward to working with you all over the coming terms.

Christine Butler

Chair of Governors, Eltham Hill School
Elected September 2014

List of Governors

Surname Name Type of Governor Term of Office Elected by Business, Pecuniary or Other Interest Committee Chair
Aldridge Matthew Parent June 2024 - June 2028 Parent Election N/A N/A
Butler Christine Co-Opted Chair March 2019 - March 2027 Governing Body N/A Chair of Full Governing Body
Devine Diana Co-Opted Dec 2014 - Dec 2026 Governing Body Husband elected member of Greenwich Council N/A
Dumville Deborah Parent Nov 2023 - Nov 2027 Parent Election N/A N/A
Emmett Simon Parent April 2020 - April 2024 Parent Election N/A N/A
Horley Mark Parent Jan 2022-Jan 2026 Parent Election N/A

Inclusion & Wellbeing

Isaiah Lucy Parent June 2024 - June 2028 Parent Election N/A N/A
Jajodia Vishal Co-Opted Dec 2022 - Dec 2026 Governing Body  N/A N/A
Ogra  Shipra Co-Opted Jan 2022-Jan 2026 Governing Body  N/A N/A
Oyeniyi Phonenicia Parent Jan 2022-Jan 2026 Parent Election N/A N/A
Roberts Ariane Local Authority Sept 2020 - Sept 2025 Governing Body Vice Chair Strategy
Stokes Melissa Parent June 2024 - June 2028 Parent Election N/A N/A
Townshend Lisa Co-Opted July 2018 - Sept 2025 Governing Body N/A Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Vu Anh Co-Opted Sept 2020 - Sept 2024 Governing Body N/A Operation
Zionts Allison Staff March 2019 - March 2027 Staff Election N/A N/A


Governors’ Admin – Debbie Marshall

0208 859 2843 Ext 305Clerk to Governors – Karen Hennessy, Royal Borough of Greenwich

Structure of the Governing Body

Eltham hill governing body

Specialist Governors

  • Safeguarding and Prevent – Mark Horley
  • SEND Governor – Lisa Townsend, Melissa Roskill
  • Pupil Premium Governor – Simon Emmett, Lisa Townsend
  • Higher Prior Achievers Governor – Anh Vu, Shipra Ogra
  • RSE/PSHE Governor - Phoenicia Oyeniyi, Alun Howell
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