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Modern Foreign Languages - French

French is the first foreign language taught across secondary schools in the United Kingdom. Internationally, it is one of the most spoken and influential languages in the world, spoken in thirty-one different countries in the world. It is increasingly important on the global economic stage, widely used in Europe, Africa, south-east Asia or the Caribbean islands. Culturally, French-speaking nations are increasingly inspiring through their literature, cinematographic productions or music. Speaking and understanding French adds to the ability of young people to act as citizens of the world, as well as being personally fulfilling and adding to a student’s employability.

Studying French is not just valuable for those wanting to study modern foreign languages at university but it can also benefit students wanting to study History, politics, law and English literature. It is a high-profile subject which raises standards of literacy by placing English into perspective. Increasingly, employers look for candidates who are competent in second languages and speaking French will place you in a strong position on the jobs market. Learning another language also helps foster skills that employers value, teaching young people to communicate in a confident and articulate way.

At Eltham Hill School, we ensure that students have a thorough understanding of the grammar and vocabulary but we also aim to instil a love of the language by making learning enjoyable and stimulating. We use games, audio-visual and ICT resources to make learning engaging and to allow students to explore and appreciate French cultures. We run trips to France, which allow students to have a first-hand experience of French culture and lifestyle.

French Curriculum Intent Statement

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