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Art and Design: Fine Art

Syllabus: Edexcel

The Art & Design curriculum has been designed holistically, to ensure all learners have an opportunity to explore and develop expression of thought and emotion through a wide variety of learning opportunities, materials, technique and media. The curriculum allows students the creative space to try out new ways of working and thinking through visual, tactile and sensory experience using a wide range of tools, materials, techniques, media and practices. It has been designed to enable young people to develop into critical and creative thinkers, and to develop an inquiry based approach to learning. There is a focus on investigative research practice, alongside an appreciation and love of art and design. It encourages students to engage with their immediate surroundings, question how and why works of art are made, and to understand the influence and impact of sociopolitical and cultural contexts on creative making practices. All students are encouraged to talk and present their ideas and outcomes to a wider audience. Students learn how to discuss and debate and to develop a deeper understanding and knowledge of the cultural capital available to them, in their city. We encourage all learners to enjoy and engage in the arts at whichever level they choose, art can be for wellbeing and relaxation, art can be activism, and can be central to debate. We do support and prepare our learners toward a career in the creative and cultural industries. The Art curriculum enables all learners to explore their creativity and innovation by providing a conceptually rich and diverse curriculum that builds on a foundation of skills. Students are provided with a safe environment to take risks, see what happens through experimentation and learn to build from mishaps and mistakes.

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