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Art and Design: Photography


This is a full course in art and design Photography lasting three years. This qualification offers you the opportunity to develop skills in the use of digital imagery. Activities and projects will be organised into a portfolio of work- Unit 1 and Unit 2 is the final exam project.

The coursework projects can cover amongst others the following areas:

  • Portraiture, documentary, Photo-journalism
  • Environmental photography
  • Experimental photography, Photomontage
  • Working from objects, still life and/ or from the natural world

Photography Curriculum Road Map

Course Content

Skills Developed

You will gain knowledge and understanding of how ideas, feelings and meanings are shown in photography. You will learn how photography is important in social, historical and cultural ways. You will learn about different photographic processes, both past and present and gain an understanding of how these have been important for photographers.

You will be expected to demonstrate photographic skills in the following ways:

  • Make best use of colour, line, tone, shape, texture, pattern and form
  • Show how you can use different viewpoints, compositions, depths of field and movement
  • Respond to an idea, issue, concept, theme, or brief
  • Make best use of camera lenses, filters and lighting, film and/ or digital techniques
  • Learn techniques about developing or downloading pictures, image manipulation, printing, presentation, layout and mounting
  • Use safe working practices

Exams and Assessments

A final grade is calculated by combining marks from the portfolio of work Unit 1 with the externally set task Unit 2. The portfolio accounts for 60% of the marks and the externally set task for 40%. Portfolio work and exam preparation are very important. The course is three years long.

Why Choose Photography

If you choose this path, it should be because you have a vision and are passionate about learning the fine arts and photography. It will allow you to expand on your creativity. Have you ever dreamed of owning your own photography studio or having a career that pays you to travel around the world and take photos? Would you love to see your photographs featured in major media publications, sports news, art exhibits, or high fashion magazines? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider the opportunity to study photography.

Remember a photograph is worth a thousand words; you can capture the emotion of a moment, an image that defines a culture, or promote self-reflection and insight through images you’ve captured. Earn your GCSE in Art Photography and explore the opportunities the photography field has to offer!

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