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Syllabus: Edexcel

Geography is a wide-ranging and diverse subject, which has the potential to develop the skills and knowledge that will allow students to excel as global citizens. In the changing world that we live in, it is increasingly important to develop these skills and understand the reasons why certain actions occur as well as the effects that these might have on others and the environment.

Over the course of the seven years at Eltham Hill, Geography will develop these skills and knowledge to ensure that students are prepared for the modern world. There are seven core Geographical skills that the department has identified which are assessed over the various Key Stages.

  1. Cartographic
  2. Graphical
  3. Synoptic
  4. Knowledge of place
  5. Knowledge of human processes
  6. Knowledge of physical processes
  7. Ability to discuss views of stakeholders
  8. Investigation skills
  9. Ability to reach and justify a conclusion

Our aim is to develop and assess these skills over the course of the Key Stages, as well as ensuring that each skill is assessed at least once a year. Geography is a key subject for taking on some of the global challenges that the world is now facing e.g. climate change and environmental degradation, migration, water conflict.

Through the study of Geography students will be better informed in their own opinion on these matters but will also be capable of articulating.

Geography Curriculum Intent Statement

Geography Curriculum Road Map


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