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Media Studies

Syllabus: AQA

Through a study of the Media students are taken on a fascinating journey through the exploration of the social and political influence the media has on our everyday lives.

Media explores, analyses and critiques a broad range of social and cultural practices, theories, processes and using academic theory and close analysis. Students are offered the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of media industries and audience. Students are enabled to engage with many issues that are relevant to their own lives and that affect our society e.g. representation of gender, class, race. They can decode the constructions of identity created on platforms such as social media and television.

At Eltham Hill the Media curriculum upholds the importance of practical work and values student creativity. Students have access to fantastic technical resources to create their own media products whilst implementing their theoretical knowledge. The course emphasises an industry mindset and offers students the opportunity to explore possible Media careers. The Media has an influence on the way in which societies vote; view social groups; develop identities; behave in groups; communicate.

Our students live everyday confronted by some form of the media which is why it is such an important subject. As critics of the media, students begin to question what they see on a daily basis. The course content allows students to develop a range of skills that allow them to express themselves effectively both verbally in in written responses.


We follow the AQA GCSE curriculum (9-1) which covers industries, audiences, media language and representation. The course is divided into 30% coursework and 70% written exam. Students are expected to explore a range of close study products for analysis in exam.

Media Studies - Curriculum Road Map


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