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Music: GCSE

Syllabus: Edexcel

At Eltham Hill we believe that all students are musical, and it is our purpose to teach, train and support these skills. As a result, our approach centres around inclusivity: the idea that every student has the best musical opportunities whatever their background.

Our ever-changing teaching adapts to music that is relevant and real to the students of today, and encourages key skills of teamwork, leadership and independence. The Music curriculum at Eltham Hill strives to give students a rounded experience of three key areas through a wide variety of musical cultures:

  • The Music Critic: Listening and Appraising (developing students’ listening skills through analysing music, as well as evaluating their own and others’ work)
  • The Artist: Performance (focusing on both solo and ensemble skills in both informal and formal settings)
  • The Writer: Composition (creating music independently and in groups, through both performance and music technology

We also offer a range of instrumental lessons and extra-curricular opportunities, including regular performances.

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