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Syllabus: OCR


As we are still looking for answers to questions about the human mind and consciousness, psychology is a relevant subject to study.

At Eltham Hill you will have the chance to learn about the various theories as well as the most recent research that is always encouraging us to challenge our existing knowledge. Psychology is a wide field that involves the study of human thought, behaviour, personality, emotion and more.

One of the advantages of studying psychology is that you can gain a deeper insight into your own behaviour as you can attempt to apply many theories and explanations to their behaviour. Have you ever wondered any of the following: does prison really change criminal behaviour? Why do some people conform whereas others do not? Do your experiences in early childhood really shape the person you are today? These are some of the questions we seek answers for in Psychology.

You will have the opportunity of carrying out research in small groups whether you are in year 9 or 13. You will also have the opportunity to visit other classes and conduct your own studies on obedience or attitudes to crime rates for example.

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