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Syllabus: AQA

Sociology is a fascinating and exciting study of how our society works and how people behave in various social groups.

Sociology explores, analyses and critiques a broad range of social and cultural practices, theories, processes and key events using statistics, quantitative and qualitative methodology, demographic and content analysis and many other means. Sociology bridges the academic divide between arts and sciences; offering students the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of society combined with rigorous statistical and scientific research methods

The sociology curriculum at Eltham Hill School strives to embed in all students of the subject, an inquisitive interest in the world around them, immediate and beyond. Sociology is exciting, interesting and relevant to students’ lives. It encourages students to take a questioning approach to evidence and issues and to think in an evaluative way. High crime rates in our inner cities, ‘binge drinking ladettes’, boys’ underachievement in school, the effects of divorce on children, racism and the police, the effects of the media on violent behaviour, these are among the great debates of today. They are the subject of countless views and opinions, many of which are ill-informed or prejudiced, most expressed simply from personal and often very limited experience. This is why sociology is such an important subject. These are all SOCIAL issues.

The sociologist sets off to try and understand our human world a little better. This task is often challenging and controversial, but it is also fascinating and rewarding. Sociology enables students to engage with many of the most important issues and topics which affect our society today e.g. gender, ethnicity, religion, mass media, the class system, age etc. In sociology, students study the interactions, structures and systems that influence and shape lives.

Students explore changes and trends over time as well as make predictions about what the future may hold for people and society.

The course content and related work develops a range of skills that enables students to express themselves effectively both verbally and through their written work.

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