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What’s Biology like at A-level?

You will already have come across some of the concepts of biology at GCSE: cells, organisms, variation and relationships between organisms. At A-level, the course is particularly suitable for students who have the skills and knowledge associated with a GCSE Additional Science course or equivalent. You will start to see how these ideas work together, and begin to grasp the in-depth concepts that encompass biology, such as Biological molecules, Cells, Organisms exchange substances with their environment, Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms, Energy transfers in and between organisms, response to a changing environment, Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems, The control of gene expression.

What practical science do you do?

Biology, like all sciences, is a practical subject. Throughout the course, you will carry out practical activities including:

  • Using microscopes to see cell division
  • Dissection of animal or plant systems
  • Aseptic technique to study microbial growth
  • Investigating activity within cells
  • Investigating animal behaviours
  • Investigating distributions of species in the environment.

These practical’s will give you the skills and confidence needed to investigate the way living things behave and work. It will also ensure that if you choose to study a Biology-based subject at university, you’ll have the practical skills needed to carry out successful experiments in your degree.

Why should I choose Biology?

Students with a wide range of interests enjoy the biology course. Whether you want a job in medicine or industry, biology is the solid platform upon which careers are built. It is an interesting subject requiring and developing a variety of skills. This course will provide you with a real in-depth knowledge of the study of life, preparing you for further education or giving you the credentials to enhance your job options straight away.

Exam Board — AQA
Course Code — 7402


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