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Media Studies

Syllabus: AQA

1 - Why study Media Studies?

Media Studies is an exciting and ever changing course. The subject is aimed at those with a critical mind who want to learn how to decode messages from the media. If you have an interest in film, digital media or journalism this course is for you!

2 - What will you study?

Year 12

  • Introduction to media studies
  • Film
  • Advertising
  • Music videos
  • Newspapers
  • NEA

Year 13

  • TV
  • Magazines
  • Video games
  • Online
  • NEA


3 - How will you be assessed?

Applying the theoretical framework (language, representation, industry audience, contexts) across a range of media products and platforms. This will take the shape of : 

  • Media Paper One (Year 12 content) = 35%
  • Media Paper Two (Year 13 content) = 35%
  • NEA (Non Exam Assessment) = 30%

The NEA cross-media production based on a set brief - print media, and moving image.

4 - What skills will you develop?

  • How to critically engage with a wide range of media
  • Develop critical autonomy through the deconstruction of ideologies and debates within the media
  • how to construct media using industry standard software
  • to explore the wider contexts behind the media

5 - What makes a good Media Studies student?

  • Someone who engages with or has a passion with a wide range of media.
  • Someone who likes to explore historical and contemporary aspects of the media and debate/ draw conclusions on such media.
  • Someone who can immerse themselves into digital production.
  • Someone who has a passion to produce and edit original and creative media products
  • Someone who has the autonomy to plan and execute their ideas 
  • The media industry can be quite demanding, we are looking for a student who thrives under pressure and has the ability to meet strict deadlines
  • The ability to work independently and collaboratively with their peers

6 - Where can Media Studies lead?

The types of job roles may include those in a variety of fields or roles such as:  journalism, digital content creator, advertising/marketing, roles within the film industry, video gaming sector and many more.

7 - Reading list and preparation

8 - Stretch and challenge resources

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