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Media Studies

Media Studies involves the study of broadcast, print media and e-media. This course focuses on exciting topics such as gender, masculinity, new digital media, identity and media theory. You also get to create media of your own such as short films and magazines!

In order to be great at this course, you must:

  • Love analysing media texts such as magazines, television programmes, web-sites and advertisements
  • Provide alternative readings and make perceptive comments
  • Be prepared to write extended essays
  • Be prepared to research two case studies of your own

Summer Transition Work

Media Studies Transition Workbook

Media & Film Taster Session

PiXL Gateway Progression - Media

Course Content

The first part of the course involves learning the theory of media such as Narrative Theory, Representation Theory and Reception Theory. You will also be expected to prepare a case study on Music and the Media, which will be used for your AS exam. The second year of the course involves preparing two case studies around the topic of identity in the media and new digital media such as Facebook.

Will I Have To Do Coursework?

Yes! You get to do two pieces of coursework. You do a mixture of individual and group work for this. For AS you prepare print and broadcast media with an evaluation. For A2 you write an extended essay and produce print and broadcast media.

Reading List & Timeline

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