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Sociology is the study of society and social structures. It examines how various institutions such as the family, education and health come together to shape society.

In order to be great at this course, you must:

  • Read before and after lessons
  • Watch the news and stay up-to-date with current affairs
  • Be prepared to write essays
  • Be able to express ideas
  • Be able to interpret data
  • Be able to apply your knowledge
  • Want to discuss exciting social issues
  • Be able to see both sides of an argument

Summer Transition Work

Sociology Bridging Work

PiXL Gateway Progression - Sociology

Course Content

You will learn about the major sociological theories and develop the skills needed to apply them to the relevant topic.

You will have three exams at the end of the final year, each exam is 2 hours long.

In year 1 you will complete the following from paper 1 (Education with Methods in context and Theory and Methods) and paper 2(Families and Households).

In year 2 you will finish the following from paper 1 (Theory and methods), from paper 2 (Beliefs in Society) and you will complete paper 3 (Crime and Deviance and Theory and Methods).

Will I Have To Do Coursework?

No. There is no coursework associated with this course.

What Careers Can This Course Offer Me?

  • Social worker
  • Journalist
  • Teacher
  • Social policy
  • Government work
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