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Textiles – the creation of designs and products for woven, knitted, stitched, printed or decorative textiles that might have a functional or non-functional purpose.

Course Content

On this course, you will experiment with…

  • art textiles
  • fashion design and illustration
  • costume design
  • constructed textiles
  • printed and dyed textiles
  • surface pattern
  • stitched and/or embellished textiles
  • soft furnishings and/or textiles for interiors
  • digital textiles
  • installed textiles.

Skills and Techniques

You will be required to demonstrate skills in all of the following:

  • awareness of the elements of textile design, such as shape, line, scale, colour, texture, pattern, contrast and/or repetition in relation to the chosen area(s) of textile design
  • awareness of intended audience or purpose for their chosen area(s) of textile design
  • ability to respond to an issue, concept or idea, working to a brief or answering a need in the chosen area(s) of textile design
  • appreciation of the relationship of form and function and, where applicable, the constraints of working to a brief
  • understanding of a variety of textile methods, such as: fabric printing, mono-printing, relief printing, screen printing and laser printing; tie-dye and batik; spraying and transfer; fabric construction; stitching, appliqué, patchwork, padding, quilting and embroidery.

Exams and Assessment

The course is 2 years long, and consists of 4 units.

AS Level (first year),
Unit 1- Coursework Portfolio
Unit 2- Exam project

A Level (second year),
Unit 3- Personal Investigation
Unit 4- Exam Project

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