GCSE Results 2020

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This year our Year 11 students and their families have been faced with unprecedented challenges, both in terms of their education and beyond. The uncertainty regarding this results day is only the most recent hurdle, and we are delighted to finally have the opportunity to celebrate their amazing achievements.

As a year group, we are incredibly proud of what they have achieved. Our students’ attainment at grades 9-7 and grades 9-5 have increased significantly in 25 GCSE subjects. We are particularly pleased with Triple Science 9-7 grades at 67%, Further Maths 9-7 grades at 80%, French 9-7 grades at 43%, and Spanish 9-7 grades at 50%, History 9-7 grades at 37%.

Our English results continue to be significantly above average with 72% of students achieving grades 9-5 and 34% achieving grades 9-7. With our Maths 9-5 results at 61% and 9-7 at 27%, we have also seen a 9% rise in the number of students achieving a 5 or above in English and Maths combined.

We are pleased to note that so many of our students achieve the very top grades. This year 25 students achieved 10 or more 9-7 grades, 24% of our students achieved 5 or more 9-7 grades and 33% achieved 3 or more 9-7 grades.

We are especially proud of Jagoda Zytek who achieved ten grade 9’s and one grade 8. Other girls who performed exceptionally were Phoebe Yan Chun Po who achieved nine grade 9’s, one grade 8, one grade 7 and one grade 6; Lauren Rayner who achieved nine grade 9’s, two grade 8’s and one grade 7, and Abigail Lewington Cole who achieved nine grade 9’s and two grade 8’s.

We would like to congratulate all our students who worked so hard to achieve their best. Thank you to our parents too who have worked with us to support their daughters throughout this very difficult and challenging time in their education. We look forward to welcoming many of them back in September when they start their A’ Level or IBCP courses in our high performing 6th form.


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