IB Career Related Programme Results 2021

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Congratulations to our Year 13 IBCP students who received their IB results this week.

Overall we had a very impressive pass rate of 98% for the IBCP. We had another year of excellent subject results with 100% pass rate in every subject area. All our IB subjects; Maths, Visual Arts, Theatre, Film and English Literature saw an increase in their grades from last year and we also have a student who got a grade 7, the highest grade possible from the IB, for the first time.

All the students did fantastically well and we are particularly proud of them for working hard despite the set backs since they stared in the Sixth Form due to Covid 19. The students are now awaiting their BTEC results in August to secure their University places.

We wish them all the best of luck and send them our congratulations on their successes in the IBCP programme.

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