GCSE Success 2023

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Despite national results dropping significantly this year we are delighted to say that we have maintained the high results of the last three years and are significantly above national averages in all key measures.

Our students result at grades 9-7 and grades 9-5 are truly exceptional for a completely comprehensive and inclusive school. 65% of all our students achieved 5+ in English and Maths, 43% of our students achieved at least three 7-9 grades and 30% of our students achieved five or more 7-9 grades! In Eltham Hill 34% of all our results were 7-9 grades compared with 28.4 % across London (the highest performing region in England). Particularly impressive sets of results were recorded by Anneka Laird who achieved eleven grade 9’s and one grade 8 , Scarlett Bevan who achieved ten grade 9’s and two grade 8’s , Evie Gordon who achieved nine grade 9’s , Sofia Hryb who achieved six grade 9’s, five grade 8’s and one grade 7 and Borbala Szuharda who achieved five grade 9’s  and five grade 8’s.

Overall English Language results continue to be significantly above national averages with 67 % of students achieving grades 9-5, nationally this is 48%, and 25% achieving a 9-7 grade, nationally this is 16%.  Maths results are also very strong with 9-5 results at 70 %, nationally this is 43% and 9-7 at 29%, nationally this is 17%. These coupled with strong results in Science, Languages, History and Geography have led to Ebacc results that are well above national with 39% of our students achieving above a 5 in all elements of the Ebacc.

We even have seven subjects where over half of all the students taking those subjects achieved grades 7-9!  They are GCSE Triple Sciences with 53% of grades at 9-7, History 52%, Spanish 50% Photography 52% and Textiles 72%.

Outcomes for our students with SEND were impressive and significantly above national averages and as a comprehensive and inclusive school we are delighted that every single one of our students achieved a good range of qualifications and all are in a position to go on to the next stage of their education whether here or elsewhere. We are really proud of each and every one of them.

We would like to congratulate all our Year 11 students and say thank you to their parents and carers too who have worked with us over the last five years. We have great teachers and pastoral support here at Eltham Hill and every member of staff has worked really hard to make sure our students were able to fulfill their potential. We are delighted that we all have so much to celebrate and look forward to welcoming many of our students back in September to our successful and high performing 6th form.

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